How We Do It

Screen Printing

  • Screen printing is a traditional process where a design or logo is printed directly onto fabric by way of mesh screen.
  • Long lasting.
  • Price is calculated on the number of colors in the design/logo. More colors in design-more price.
  • Cost effective for larger quantities, the more you print the cheaper they become. Ideal for Bulk Orders.
  • Softer feel.
  • Suitable on cotton, polyester fabric.
  • Fast to produce.
  • Full Multicolor Gradient design cannot be printed.

Sublimation Printing

  • This is the process of printing onto a special sheet of paper, and then transferring that image onto fabric.
  • Color will not fade, rub, tear, peel, or crack away.
  • Full multi-coloured images can be printed.
  • No additional cost for multiple color.
  • Same cost for printing one product or a thousand products​.
  • 3D printing.
  • Can print multiple products other than fabric.
  • Complete customization possible.
  • Ideal for small or bulk order.
  • Works on polyester/drifit fabric only.

Vinyl/Heat Transfer printing

  • Vinyl/transfer printing is a sort of technique where the design is first printed on a non-textile surface so it can later be transferred onto fabric.
  • Cost effective for small orders.
  • Can do multiple individuals names and number.
  • Very durable but less compared to screen or sublimation.
  • Cannot iron, Rubbery feel.
  • Quick and easy to produce, allowing for same day production.
  • There’s a great variety of textures from fluorescents to metallics and even velvet.
  • Works on most of the fabric.


  • In the embroidery technique, a sewing machine sews the design into the fabric. Almost every polo t-shirt uses this method to print designs.
  • Looks as great as a design embroidered onto a cloth.
  • It’s professional and looks very elegant.
  • Most durable. The design becomes part of the fabric, so it doesn’t risk coming off. It will last as long as the t-shirt.
  • Design limitations, Time Consuming.
  • Works on any fabric.

Made to Measure

  • Made-to-measure garments are constructed to fit each customer individually by professional tailors.
  • Made to measure offers good scope for personal expression.
  • It gives better fitting than ready to wear the garment.
  • Usually, these garments are more comfortable than Ready to wear.
  • More than 1000+ fabrics to choose.
  • Premium fabric and high-quality stitching.