How can I place an order ?
You can send us an email on sales@360customizer.com or give us a call on 8637758689/7276196904. You can also ping us on Whatsapp or DM us on our social media. Our sales executive will assist you with the further process.

How many days it takes to complete an order ?
It will depend on the type of work and quantity of the order. In general it takes about 4-10 working days.

Do you take orders for a single piece ?
Usually we don’t take single order, but if our work load is less then YES !

I have an immediate requirement. Is there any way to get a faster delivery ?
At 360CUSTOMIZER, we make sure to dispatch your order in the least possible time. However, if you have an urgent need, you can make arrangements to collect it from our premises. Or, you can call our sales team who can make some special arrangements. Be informed though, that it is the buyer’s responsibility to mention about an immediate requirement while placing the order.

What kind of customization do you provide ?
At 360CUSTOMIZER, we provide in-depth customization options. Our printing services include screen printing, sublimation printing, heat transfer printing, roll over printing and embroidery. From choosing the colour to selecting the material to printing a design, there are umpteen options available.

Is there any guarantee or warranty of the product ?
Other than manufacturing defects, we DO NOT provide any guarantee or warranty of any product. However, you can rely on our 6+ years of experience and our long list of satisfied customers when we say that every item that we sell is of high-quality.

Can you provide some ideas about how to better customize my product ?
Yes. At 360CUSTOMIZER, we encourage, guide and even warn buyers about any customization. Many a time, buyers get confused with the plethora of options available, in which case we provide ideas that help them make an informed decision.